5 Steps to Cleaning your Windows and Avoid those Streaks  

5 Steps to Cleaning your Windows and Avoid those Streaks  

January 10, 2022 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Windows are your view of the world. It is watching the familiar tree or street out of a window and recognizing the vision as the feeling of being home. The windows are also very crucial to the overall building design, aesthetics and ventilation in a room.

Being glass, the dust and dirt stuck on the windows can go by unnoticed for a long amount of time. When they come under observation the amount of filth collected is stubborn. The cleaning process is a messy task and often leaves dissatisfactory results and streaks all over the glass.

But there exist many homemade hacks that can be used to get completely clean and shining window panes. Read on and find out the five simple steps that will not only give you clean and welcoming windows but also avoid the streaks and unnecessary bother.

  1. Hose down the windows

Hose down your windows completely making sure that no part of the window is missed. Then get some warm water and apply to the entire window with a sponge. Add some detergent or window cleaning soap to the warm water. Wash off again with plain water or hose down your windows and finally squeegee the windows dry.

  1. Spray works for the stubborn stains

If there are some stubborn stains and marks, like those caused by insects spattering, bird droppings etc then take a cloth, spray it with water and use the cloth to wipe the stain. Rub it with a little vigour and get as much of it as you can off the window. Finally get a spray glass cleaner and clean it to get a glossy finish.

  1. Vacuum the window tracks and sill to clean

While paying ample attention to the window glass care must be taken to not forget the window tracks and sills. All parts of the window should be dusted and wiped with a vacuum cleaner. The tracks can be vacuumed and so can the sills. Remove any accumulated dust, bugs and even the sneaky spider webs.

  1. Pat dry evenly

While making the final pat down of the windows clean in both vertical and horizontal directions alternatingly and clean them dry using a soft cloth which does not give out any lint in the same manner.

  1. Clean it from both the sides

Finally make sure you pay attention to both the sides of the window. If after following the above steps there appears some smudges or streaks check the other side too and give it a thorough go over as above.

The five steps listed above include the simple, quick and easy steps that can be taken to get clean, shiny and sparkly windows. Check your windows now and if they seem blurry at all clean them right up!


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