Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster after Buying a Home

Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster after Buying a Home

November 16, 2017 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Will your home survive disasters like an Earthquake, Hurricane or a Tornado?  This can be a probable question arising in your mind before or after purchasing your house. Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, tornados, volcanic eruptions, natural fires and Tsunami are unavoidable and you have to be prepared for everything.  Now, that you are in possession of your dream home, preparedness becomes prime importance.  Preparation has to be not only to protect your home but also about how your home aids in preparedness.  Going ahead, let’s finds out measures to save ourselves and our homes from these disasters.

  1. Home Insurance

After you have your dream home in hand, the next best move would be securing it from any kind of hazard and disaster.  Purchase a home insurance that covers maximum possible damage.  If you are in close proximity of any probable cause of natural disaster like Volcano, do not hesitate to pay for it.  You may like to get your home covered for the damages caused for tremors and landslides.

  1. Flood and Earthquake Insurance

Disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes can hit any time and cannot be foreseen.  Only after it starts approaching, the weather department can forecast any details.  Get your home insured against flood and earthquakes for sure. If your current home insurance policy does not cover these disasters, do not hesitate to purchase a separate one.

  1. Food Storage

Floods and hurricanes may leave behind a huge impact on the daily lives, devastating all the livestock and food.  All you will be left with is your house with no resource to feed upon. Stock up your food reserves for a year.  Quick recovery is uncertain at times of big calamities and it may take several months for regular lifestyle to come back to normal.

  1. Information of safe meet ups

You may be well informed in advance if any disaster like a Tornado or Hurricane is approaching you. Stay connected with the neighboring population. Inquire about the nearest safe meet up location and reach there on time.  Stay tuned on television and social networking sites to get all the crucial information about these meet up locations.

  1. Emergency kit

Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in your home. It may include food, medication, first aid, hygiene product, torch, radio, necessary tools and many other things. A radio will help you hear important broadcasts while you are at home or on your way to safety for meet up locations.

Do not settle with any insurance, evaluate your options, but take a survey of the entire market before you purchase and buy the one with best coverage.  Once you are a homeowner, prevention from disaster becomes important as your precious home is on stake along with your life.  Stay prepared in advance, as last-minute preparedness can only leave you anxious and unsafe.  Take care of the points above and you may have a solution to most of your concerns.


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