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Case Study

By Suzanne Fahy | Seashore Properties Coronado

During our journey of rebranding our company, one of the key areas of focus was to make sure we had a quality website ensuring our customers feel welcome.  We initially were on a template type of Real Estate Website, where you pay a monthly fee, but don’t get the true & best value out of it…Most of all it didn’t have the kind of look and feel we were expecting.  During our research, we partnered up with DigitalRealtyX as they have worked with us on Virtual 3D Tours and High quality Photography for our existing listings, long term and vacation rental properties.  After discussions with our vision on a new site and our approach we want, they advised us of the type of site experiences they design for different types of Real Estate companies and how they could solve our needs.  Our team decided to sign up with their services, they provided amazing knowledge, professionalism, created an entire custom web home page experience, which entails events about Coronado, Blogs, details about our team, and our property listings we offer and more.  They were extremely efficient, provide amazing quality work, and executed on everything we asked for.  Most of all they delivered on the project ahead of time and on budget!  Seashore Properties Coronado is very happy to work with them and proud of a new clean website experience we could market to our customers.  

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