COVID-19 Real Estate Photography Preparation

COVID-19 Real Estate Photography Preparation

March 18, 2020 Written by DigitalRealtyX

During this time of uncertainty and concern about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and current market volatilities, we want to let you know that we are here for you!

Beating Coronavirus requires a widespread societal response, where we all take personal responsibility for increased hygiene and reducing social contact. Is it inconvenient YES, but we all know and love a person in the “vulnerable category” and we must support our public health officials to beat this challenge with our actions, not our words. Confident DigitalRealtyX will play an active role.  Living the DigitalRealtyX values in unprecedented circumstances and pressure to protect our photographers, our customers and our business is our priority.

We’d like to keep everyone safe during this unchartered territory dealing with this outbreak.  Our ask of you pertaining to your upcoming Real Estate photography shoots are encouraged that we protect the homeowner, photographer and the Realtor.

Moving forward, we are asking for the safety of the photographers, that social distancing practices be in place.  No person should be in the home while it is being photographed, and anything that needs to be turned on or prepared (lights on, area is clean / disinfected, toilets seats up or down, etc) be done before the photographer enters the property.   Our goal is to enter the property and NOT touch anything, so we’d prefer you to pre-stage the property before they enter.  All bookings must require instructions and/or notes for our photographer.  Whether that is at time of online booking, phone scheduling or email scheduling.

Please refrain attendance when our photographer arrives to the property as it might apply to any local lockdown.  Our request is to make sure there are no person(s) in the property and do what they can to remove themselves from the property during the photoshoot while the photographer is present.  This will allow us to limit any unnecessary interaction and social distancing.

A few recommended suggestions while we perform our work are: take a walk in the neighborhood, hang out in the backyard while the shoot is completed, perhaps go to your car and listen to the radio or read a book, or any other ideas to avoid interaction with the photographer.  Please keep in mind that if the photographer feels awkward for their safety during their visit, they may cancel the photoshoot.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this time as we are all in this together and will get through this.  Please stay safe and healthy.

Team DigitalRealtyX


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