Remember Your Trees When Creating Yard Curb Appeal

Remember Your Trees When Creating Yard Curb Appeal

May 3, 2020 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Buyers start to fall in love with your home from the moment they drive up and see your front yard. This is why curb appeal is so important to establish their excitement from the very first look. This is your buyer’s first impression and a well-cared for home with nice curb appeal is critical to starting their visit off on the right foot. If you’re putting your home on the market, curb appeal needs to be one of the first things you consider before you list.

Curb appeal is far more than putting bright, pretty flowers in a pot by the front door. While most home sellers realize that they need to rake leaves and debris and spruce up the flower bed, often they ignore overgrown trees when planning their pre-listing yard project. What they might think of as a lovely shade tree, their buyers could see as a potential problem and barrier to purchase. Consider a few points as you plan how to address trees in your yard.

Trim back branches which are too large
Overgrown and large hovering tree limbs are unsightly and can hide the natural beauty of your yard. Not only might they cause the home to appear darker due to sun blockage, but buyers often associate overgrown trees with the debris they can leave and the maintenance they could require.

Consider the safety of large trees
Trees can present issues with your fence or play structure. Are the limbs too heavy and push on fences? Can a limb break off in a wind and cause other damage or injury?

Take care of your trees properly
Proper care of your trees and thoughtful placement can avoid issues down the line. Feed them well to prevent insect problems and diseases which cause unsightly and dangerous conditions. Make sure the trees are placed far away from pipes and hardscape to prevent the roots from causing damage.

A beautiful yard is the best way to entice your potential buyers inside to view the rest of your home. Make sure your pre-listing project includes careful consideration of the trees on your property. Your buyers want to see a well-maintained and cared for home and a neat and clean home can set the stage for a great home visit and ultimately, a sale.

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