Terms And Conditions

In preparation to your appointment, please have the property prepared as you would for your Open House visits.

Payment Terms:

All payments are made at the time of your job request, which could be paid online or through an invoice, which we will submit to you. Without the payment, your appointment will still be secured but not guaranteed. If payment is not made and you are invoiced, we have the right to withhold releasing the finished work until
receiving the payment.  Once digital photography assets / media / services are delivered, all sales are final, we do not issue any refunds.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy:

If weather is a constraint to initiating the job, we will reschedule with you upon your request. Our ask is that you notify us by email or phone 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. For cancellations/reschedules with less than 24-hour notice, there is a $100 cancellation fee, which will be forfeited. If less than 24 hours notice is given and we don’t find out that it’s being cancelled/rescheduled until we arrive to the property, a cancellation fee will be forfeited in the amount of $100 plus incurred mileage fee.

The following items should be prepared prior to the appointment:

  • Interior and exterior lights turned on
  • Have driveway swept, show best curb appeal of property as possible
  • Remove trash cans
  • Make sure pools, spas, BBQ covers are removed
  • Remove vehicles, bikes, any unnecessary objects from driveway and front of property
  • Please avoid any construction work, repairmen, handymen, gardeners, landscapers, etc while photography / videography work is conducted
  • Ceiling fans should be turned off
  • Contain pets so they are not in the way or in any pictures/videos
  • Bedrooms: please have all clothes put away, beds made and all personal items securely stored.
  • Bathrooms: please remove all personal items removed from sink (tooth brushes, skin care, makeup, cologne, perfume) close toilet covers and clear out overflowed trashcans.
  • Kitchen: clear countertops and please remove any personal items from the fridge, dirty plates and dishes, cleaners, soap and detergents. To ensure the most picture and best possible angles/shots, we ask that the
    homeowner/agent/property manager, etc. be in a different part of the property from where shots are taken.

Please do not have any other service provider (painter, electricians, contractors, plumbers, gardeners, appraiser, house cleaner, inspector, maintenance on the property, handyman, movers, etc.) be scheduled at the same time or during our onsite visit, as we will require access to the entire property during our allotted time.

If any other service providers are scheduled for the same day of the photo shoot (even if they’re scheduled to be finished prior to us arriving), please make arrangements to check on their status and notify them that they may have to stop what they are doing and leave the property when it’s time for our scheduled visit. Our goal is to ensure the best communication and efficient quality of work to provide the best results.

Note that our technicians will not remove items from a shot, move furniture, pictures from the wall, blankets on couches, trash cans, unnecessary items on kitchen counter tops, open or close shutters, etc. our technicians arrive to the site to take the best pictures of the property and leave.

Mileage Fee:

All properties located 40 miles outside of the 92119 zip code, will incur an additional mileage charge of $0.58 per mile.  For any appointments scheduled outside San Diego County, and not to exceed 90 miles from our company address (6977 Navajo Rd. Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92119), will incur a $75 flat fee.

Authorization to be onsite:

By agreeing to the terms and conditions upon receiving your booking and payment, the agent or anyone submitting the work order request and has booked and paid, gives full permission to DigitalRealtyX. This agreement is between DigitalRealtyX and the hiring agent / consumer, and the agent gives this authorization on behalf of any homeowner, property management person/entity, tenant, or anyone else residing at the property.

Media Rights and Licensing:

DigitalRealtyX retains full rights to all media (photos, video, floor plans, website development, any and all social media marketing, digital marketing, newsletters) delivered to our customers. Agents, coordinators, homeowners, or any other person or entity hiring DigitalRealtyX is given the license (based on the package purchased) to use the purchased media for up to 1 year and for the sole purpose of listing the property. Any additional costs and fees may accompany reshooting the property and obtaining additional licensing. Any use of delivered media that extends beyond the listing of the property and/or the 1-year period, requires permission (via email or letter) from DigitalRealtyX.

Aerial Video Restrictions:

Our drone technicians / pilots are subject to the laws and regulations established by the FAA for aerial drones and therefore may not be able to fly lower than 50 ft over some residential areas. Keep in mind in certain areas such as Miramar and Lindbergh or any other airport / military field, is a no fly zone.

All services are final upon payment.  We strive to provide you with the best results and services to ensure the best quality for your marketing needs.

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