The 5 Most Important Things About Your Front Yard When Selling Your Home

The 5 Most Important Things About Your Front Yard When Selling Your Home

February 20, 2019 Written by DigitalRealtyX

You already know the term “curb appeal.” Everyone understands that it’s important to make a good first impression and curb appeal is the first impression people have of your home. If you are putting your home on the market for sale, curb appeal has become very important to you.

Curb appeal means different things to different people but it goes beyond putting bright flowers next to the front door…although you should do that too. There are some things you can do to any home to increase your curb appeal and create an inviting look for your potential buyers.

  1. Pretty landscaping. Yes, this means pretty flowers. Blooming color gives the impression of a well maintained home. Unless you are in the middle of winter, there are flowers blooming. Pick up a few to enhance your yard and place a few in pots by your front door.
  2. Keep the yard neat and clean. Remove trash and trash cans, toys and bicycles and yard tools. Trim existing plants, hedges, lawns, trees and vines. Everything in your yard should be neatly maintained. Make sure that the front door is visible as well as the lines of the home. Nothing should look overgrown.
  3. Create a front yard lifestyle. If you have a front porch, furnish it with some chairs and tables. If you don’t have a porch, see if there is space on your front lawn for some chairs and small table. Today’s buyers love outdoor living so utilize any options you might have.
  4. Showcase a model-home appearance. Clean windows and address any neglected maintenance issues. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the front door or porch. Keep the garage door closed.
  5. Good lighting. Light up your front yard and entrance. We’re not talking about runway lights, but tasteful lighting which provides a bright entrance to the home not only provides a welcoming look but is a safety feature as well.

Buyers fall in love at first sight. They drive up and if your home looks inviting, they start to imagine how nice the rest of the home will look. Every real estate agent can tell you of a time when they have driven up to a house, and the buyer canceled the showing just based on the look of the outside. You don’t want to be that home. Offer your potential home buyers a lifestyle that is apparent from the moment they drive up to your house.


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