3 New Features to Make Your Kitchen Sizzle

3 New Features to Make Your Kitchen Sizzle

September 8, 2020 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Once relegated to take a backseat to the rest of the home, the kitchen now takes center stage when it comes to entertaining. Family and guests love to gather where the action is to enjoy a glass of wine or sample the upcoming fare. New construction homes are now accommodating this trend with giant “great” room designs and huge chef’s kitchens complete with islands and seating. If your kitchen falls short of this ideal, here a 3 terrific ideas to bring the sizzle back to your kitchen.

Create a More Modern Feel
Even if you can’t completely remodel your kitchen, it’s time to update the features where you can. Sleek surfaces and cool toned features will provide an instant fresh feel. Get rid of those tired granite countertops and opt for more modern quarts or stone. Change out dark cabinets and bronze door pulls for soft toned natural or engineered materials. It’s also time to get rid of the fluorescent lighting, if you haven’t already.

Pay Attention to the Details
Ready for an afternoon project? Take stock of the overall clutter of your kitchen and make some quick changes. Move electrical outlets out of eyesight while still having all the convenience of electricity where you need it. More kitchen designs are featuring under cabinet electrical outlets which don’t draw attention away from the look and feel of the design. Pull out shelves and drawers also make great hiding places.

Keep the Mood Light
Another nice change is soft close drawers and cabinets. Today’s kitchens are working kitchens. With your guests a few inches from the action, make sure those drawers and cabinets close after use…and without the slam. A graceful slide back into place makes use easier and neater, which adds to the effortless feel of today’s cooking style.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your family gathers to share their day and where your guests come to enjoy your hospitality. Whether you plan a complete remodel or have some extra time on the weekend, creating a modern feel to your kitchen will make it even more inviting and make cooking for the foodies in your life much more fun.


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