Social Media Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agents

April 4, 2022 Written by DigitalRealtyX

In this era where smartphones and internet rule the roost, most businesses today are working hard to improve their social marketing strategies to drive more traffic to their websites.

The scenario is quite the same for the Real Estate agents too.  It is important that they too go down the much popular road of social media marketing to attract more clients and clinch more deals.

However, just opening up an account on any social media platform and posting some content is not enough.  If you really want the clients to make a beeline for your agency, you need to pay some close attention to your social media marketing strategies.

Here are some pointers that can help in improving your strategies and thereby your business.

  1. Go the Instagram Way

As far as Real Estate business is concerned, the best social platform happens to be Instagram. According to reports, this social media platform has more than 700 million users with 4.2 billion likes going for images in a day.  The additional benefits of using Instagram for your social media marketing is that it is extremely user-friendly and mostly accessed on smartphones and tablets. Thus, this makes it easier for you to engage the audience.

Instagram mainly focuses on posting of images, and this is what works wonders for Real Estate agents.  You can post the best pictures of the properties on your listings to gain the attention of prospective clients.  Adding short videos can also do the trick.

  1. Facebook Presence is Key

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform in the world with about 2 billion users across the globe.  Thus, there is no way you can overlook this platform.  The key is to post content that is relevant to the customers.

Experts believe that while you may be more tempted to post more content about the business, what gains the clients’ attention is interesting articles that are relevant to them.  So, go for an 80-20 ratio with 80% being content that focuses on the clients and 20% being content on business.

  1. Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 467 million users across the world and is the best place to promote your business as well as network.  The social media platform offers you options to post blogs, hold discussions and send messages.  You should use this platform to build up your reputation among the professionals who may also turn out to be prospective clients.  Make sure to share useful content including pictures of properties along with some interesting articles and reports.

  1. Be Consistent and Strategic

Now, once you are on all the essential social media platforms, the next step is to ensure that you are consistent and strategic when it comes to posting content.  Of course, this requires some planning as well as spending some time online. But, you can also use specific tools where you can specify your content schedule, and the mechanism will take care of the rest. This helps you to save a lot of time.

It is essential that you reply to authentic queries that may be posted by users. This is what will build their trust in you.

Remember that people these days have a short attention span.  So, sharing images and videos is more likely to work better than long articles.  These pointers have been tried and tested by successful Real Estate agents and are sure to help you too.

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