Real Estate SEO Tips to Dominate the Local Search

Real Estate SEO Tips to Dominate the Local Search

March 27, 2022 Written by DigitalRealtyX

The Real Estate business segment is wrought with the competition.  In addition, with the average person these days turning to the internet for anything and everything, the going has got really tough.  The key is to drive more traffic to your Real Estate website and enhance your page views.

But, this is easier said than done. With all Real Estate agents trying out the “done to death” SEO strategies, you may actually hit a roadblock here.  The constant change in the market is an added bone of contention.

Well, not anymore!!

Here are some SEO tips that will help you in dominating the local search results and divert the majority of traffic to your websites.

  1. Understanding the Search Gaps

SEO is majorly about finding the right keywords and incorporating these in your content. But remember that your competitors too would be following a similar strategy.  So, how can you be different than them?

You need to focus on the keywords that have not yet been used by your competitors in their content.  For this, you will have to conduct long tail searches and create content that your competitors haven’t even thought about.  This is what will get you a higher rank in search engine results.

  1. Blogging is Crucial

There are varied techniques that would attract Google, Bing and other search engines. But, nothing works like blogging.  Experts believe that blogging should be one of the most critical parts of a real estate agent’s marketing strategies.

However, when it comes to writing blog content, make sure that you have a variety of content that appeals to a diverse audience.  Also the length of the blogs matters.  While some should be crisp and precise, you can also write a few that give the readers detailed insights of certain aspects.

It is also essential to create content that would be relevant for a long time to come.  Remember that the content you post will be there forever and evergreen content is what will help you be found even a long time from now.

  1. Don’t Doubt, Just Get Started

If you are waiting to incorporate SEO once you master it, remember that this is never going to happen.  Learning SEO is something that comes to you as you practice and at a gradual pace. So, just go ahead and start with it today.  In the beginning, just remember to add keywords to the titles and headers, without stuffing the content with them.  The rule is to create quality content but with the required keywords.

  1. Get Better with Google Analytics

Creating compelling content and merely posting it on your website is not enough. You also need to identify what works and what doesn’t using Google Analytics.  This will help in improving your SEO strategy.  Start with simply linking your website with Google Analytics.  With this tool, you can get a fair idea of what works with your target audience and what doesn’t.  It also helps you identify the pages that are not working and improve these.

SEO is not something magical. It takes time and a lot of patience to figure it out and use it to your benefit.  However, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to get top ranking on the local searches and gain more clients.


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