3 Ways to Inspire Your Powder Bathroom

3 Ways to Inspire Your Powder Bathroom

February 22, 2022 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Powder bathrooms have gained popularity globally.  They are known for their convenience, small occupancy area, and its usability.  They are generally constructed in a small area in the house such as under the stairs, behind doors, or in any small corner but are significant nevertheless.

Powder bathrooms have always benefitted homes and people are taking genuine efforts to decorate them with the utmost care.  They have the basic amenities of a toilet and sink yet they can be one of the beautiful spaces of your home.

We bring you some unique ideas for a powder bathroom that can inspire you to deck it beautifully.

1) Allure your Powder Bathroom with Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures are old games, which never fail.  They are classy, alluring, and safest option to start with.  If you want your powder bathroom to shine with perfection in subtle way – there cannot be any other option better than patterns and textures.

You can choose to mix textures or patterns or select a specific one to radiate your powder bathroom.  If your powder bathroom is situated somewhere near the sunlight, these patterns and textures can be the best option.  You can shop for textures and patterns such as geometric, cubes, chess, or florals.

2) Brighten Up Your Powder Bathroom with Pocket Friendly Wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper in your powder bathroom makes it look attractive as a low cost option.  Wallpapers are one of the convenient way to decorate bathroom.  Another benefit is that you can find different options in them.  They are designed to provide you hassle free designing for your powder bathroom.

You can search for various color options like pastels, strong, or can choose art ones.  Wallpapers are also available in light designs, comics, and styles.

3) Go Creative with Tailor Made Themes

If you are one with the creative mind, paint the walls of your powder bathroom as you like.  Designing a theme is cool and trending these days.  It makes the guests feel welcomed and leaves them surprised.  They will always leave your house with a smile.

In themes, you can choose to narrate a story, an old tale, or riddles.  You can even choose any of the Disney stories if you want to create something that is child friendly.  How about a Halloween theme, horror theme or holidays theme?  The sky is the limit.  Explore and create.

These are some of the ideas to get you started. We are sure, the more you look into it, the more you will understand your needs.  No matter what you select, always choose to go for something that suits your taste.


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