Inspirational Ideas for Setting Pavers or Bricks in Patios

Inspirational Ideas for Setting Pavers or Bricks in Patios

April 9, 2019 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Bored of your drab old concrete patio and want to create a cool, customized look for family time and outdoor entertaining?  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by laying down bricks and pavers in attractive patterns, styles, and arrangements. Besides being economical and low maintenance, the versatile materials can add a rustic flair, warmth and an old world charm to the yard. What’s more, the products have staying power and can last for decades if installed in a proper manner. Let’s check out some creative ways to make the patio look inviting.

Random Haphazard Pattern:

Have some leftover pavers lying around? Create a random pattern by placing pavers of different dimensions and shapes in a haphazard manner.  The asymmetrical arrangement may appear lopsided, but it will be distinctive, unique and evoke visual interest.  And yes, lush plants and pots around the perimeter will enhance the overall effect of the beautiful courtyard.

Timeless Charm of Traditional Bricks:

Nothing beats the bricks when it comes to masonry. They have timeless beauty, unique charm and offer endless possibilities. You can opt for a cohesive look or consider intricate designs, like the grid or the basket weave pattern. No matter what you choose, the brick flooring can give the functional space character and an inviting appeal. Throw in the right patio furniture, natural foliage and you have a stylish outdoor place to hang-out with friends, family or barbecue.

Lovely Blend of Rustic & Modern Elements:

While closely laid bricks portray a polished smooth surface and look quite fabulous the pattern may be a tad too boring for some. No worries!  Try a blend of the rustic and modern elements by combining tiled pavers with some red brick detailing, say in terms of borders or edging.  The eclectic style will highlight the design, draw attention to different textures, and add a pop of color to the home’s exterior.

Modern Vibe with Pavers:

Since pavers work beautifully with a range of materials you can think outside the box and get a little innovative. Embed concrete square slabs of pavers in a sea of pea gravel to transform an ordinary yard into a stylish one. You can also improvise a little by spacing the pavers slightly apart and filling the gaps with black pebbles, stained glass or faux grass. The arrangements will define the outdoor space and bring a modern vibe to the patio.

Tightly Woven Patterns:

Want to refresh your backyard with an eye-catching design? An interesting yet simple way is to arrange an interesting mix of neutral colored pavers in an elegant, tightly woven design. Alternatively, you can set reclaimed or recycled bricks in concentrated circles. Laid in neat and organized rows, the whorled pattern looks stunning. Not to mention, it is sturdy with the potential to withstand the test of time.

Well then, you have some inspirational ideas for setting pavers and bricks.  Just incorporate any of these concepts to turn your patio into an attractive outdoor sanctuary for relaxation with kids and family or social gatherings.



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