Marketing with a Mission

Marketing with a Mission

December 12, 2019 Written by DigitalRealtyX

The term ”personalized marketing” was coined around a decade ago.  The increasing competition and the changing needs of the consumers required businesses to offer a more personalized buying experience.  The starting point of switching to this objective was to change the traditional ways of marketing. It required them to market with a mission that the consumers can relate to, helping the business develop that connection with them. 

It has been more than a decade now and mission-based marketing now rules almost every industry. For business owners, this marketing tactic is known to deliver large ongoing benefits.  Some of the most important ones are as follows-

  1. Improved Loyalty

It is with the help of mission-based personalized marketing that businesses can build that personal connection with the consumers.  No matter how extensive your marketing campaigns are, at the most, they can only make sure that more people know your name. But they will not know you for any particular reason. Once you develop that emotional connection with the consumers, they will then start engaging more with your brand. They will relate to you with a particular emotion, helping your business in many different ways, apart from improving your bottom line.

  1. Improve Your Business Image

When business interests get aligned with a bigger mission, your perception among the consumers changes too. People will then start relating you to the greater good you are involved in. In this era of cut-throat competition where most businesses are uncaring and selfish, mission-based marketing can help you offer something different to your customers. For instance, as per a recent study, more than 90% of the consumers agreed to perceive a company positively if it is supporting a cause. 

  1. Higher Investor Interest

Apart from helping you get more sales, profits, and customers, mission-driven marketing is also known to attract new investors.  A recent survey of more than 200 investors came up with the conclusion that around 65% of the investors prefer investing in companies that are dedicated to a social cause. Irrespective of whether you are a growing business or started the operations recently, mission-based marketing is one effective way to attract more investors. 

  1. Attract and Retain Quality Employees

The company that has an excellent reputation among the consumers and investors is also able to attract and retain quality employees. This can allow you to build a stronger and productive team which can further boost the marketing mission of your business. If stats and numbers are what you are interested in, know that as many as 75% of the people in North America check the corporate citizenship of the company before deciding whether or not they’d like to work with the company. 

Helping Your Business Grow with Mission-Based Marketing
The largest Fortune 500 companies to subject matter experts and startups, embrace mission-based marketing which has now turned a norm across industries.  It offers valuable benefits when done correctly and can also help you gain a competitive edge amid the rising competition.

Understand how you want to get connected to your audience and work on an idea pipeline with your team to build a marketing strategy built around a specific mission. Test the strategy on a small scale and monitor the results as this enables you to make improvements and eliminate the things that didn’t work as expected. This will enable you to get better results when you finally launch the campaign on a larger scale.   

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