Top Travel Tips for the Thrifty Backpacker: How to Travel on a budget

Top Travel Tips for the Thrifty Backpacker: How to Travel on a budget

May 13, 2019 Written by DigitalRealtyX

Want to be a globetrotter but worried about the money? You are not alone. The number one concern of avid travelers that hinders their travel plans is the costs involved. However, there are plenty of ways to tackle this and travel happily within a budget. Here are the top tried and tested ways to help you keep your travel  frugally:

  • Save money on Airfare

 Enrolling in a frequent flyer program with your favorite airline can fetch you air miles. Air miles are basically reward points that you earn if you book tickets with your frequent flyer account. Other ways to accrue air miles is to buy co-branded credit/ debit cards, payback cards and smart hotel and car rental bookings with airline partner companies, you can collect air miles faster and redeem them to significantly reduce cost of flights, or even travel for free.

  • Save on accommodation

Many airlines partner with hotel booking websites, offering cheaper hotels to their frequent flyers. This option also allows you to collect additional air miles which you can redeem later for cheaper flight tickets. One of the most popular lodging alternatives that allow you to stay for free is couch surfing. Couch surfing is when you are hosted by a person/family belonging to the place you are visiting.

You need to register yourself on couch surfing websites, follow the instructions and you will be shown a potential list of hosts to choose from. Staying with your hosts can give you a different flavor of the local culture and cuisine as well as help you make friends globally and enhance your social network.  You can also stay in youth hostels and dormitories that offer shared amenities at a cheaper rate.

  • Hitchhike or explore the city on foot

Instead of splurging on expensive bus tours, choose “free walking tours” instead. It will allow you to explore unmapped areas as well as get to know the local heritage in depth. You can also use a combination of walking, hitchhiking and public transport to significantly cut your transit costs. Many places offer rented bikes and cycles at very cheap prices that you can utilize for local exploration.

  • Save money on meals

Do some research about the cheaper but good food alternatives at the place you are visiting, instead of dining out at fancy places. Many websites allow you to sign up for food tours online that allow you to sample local cuisine and have an authentic experience, and they are way cheaper than high end restaurants .

Another way is to choose locations wisely; places around academic institutions are usually student friendly and offer great discounts on food. If you are staying in an accommodation with attached kitchen, cooking your own meals can significantly bring down your expenses. Also, it is wise to carry tinned foods and healthy snacks like dry fruits that can double up as a meal. There are many sites online that offer great deals on restaurants, grocery stores and bars that you can check out. You can also collect food coupons freely available at tourist friendly locations and utilize them.

  • Explore local buys

If you are someone who likes to collect souvenirs the best way is to shop in local bazaars instead of visiting high end stores. You can consult with hotel concierge or your native friends to familiarize yourself with trustworthy shops where you can haggle and get the best bang for the buck.

Apart from these, it is imperative to insure yourself against contingencies like theft of your passport and documents, baggage or sudden health issues. Investing in good insurance policies is always better than losing big bucks over such expenses abroad.

To Sum Up

While traveling can be an expensive affair, the money factor should never be a deterrent; after all, travel is the only expenditure that makes you richer! However, employing little hacks to save money here and there will go a long way in making your overall travel experience easier on both, your pocket and your mind.

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